Welcome to Wagon Lab a full-service creative studio that specializes in Branding, Web design and Webflow Development.

Dashboard design
Poster design for Citified
Astra DAO Logo
Wildwood Creek stationary design
Lead App design screens
Citified packaging
My Factory Website design
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Astra DAO web Design
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Your brand's


is our top


We care about the people and work we do for them.

For us, design means responsibility. We want to support brands and people who have relevant ideas and for whom sustainability, education and change are more of a vision than a nuisance.

From concept to design to code, we use our skills to make a difference with thoughtful design solutions.

Great businesses need great identity.

Every result needs a concept, every concept needs an intention. Before we design, we want to get to the bottom of things and understand intentions in order to develop solutions.

In the joint workshop we will find out where you are right now, what drives you and what makes your brand special. We advise you well-founded on core topics such as brand target definition, vision, value proposition and corporate identity.

why wagon lab?

Wildwood Creek stationary design
Lead App design screens
My Factory Website design
Soap mockup for Wildwood Creek


Our strategic plan will involve setting specific goals, identifying target audiences, analysing market trends, and developing a plan of action.


From designing appealing user interfaces to creating and maintaining websites, we get you covered with the help of the best tools on the market and our creative approach.


We are creating visual and functional solutions to specific problems. The goal is to make something that is both aesthetically pleasing and meets the needs and desires of its intended audience.


We help your business to stand out by creating a unique identity. This includes creating a name, logo, and visual language that communicates the company's values, mission, and personality.

some of our cases

We've had the pleasure of supporting numerous brands in their growth!